Avocado Toast Calories With Egg: A Nutrient-Packed Breakfast

It’s understandable why Avocado Toast Calorie with Egg has been more well-liked in recent years. On top of crisp toast, this meal mixes creamy avocado, freshly poached eggs, and a selection of toppings. Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but it’s also a nutritious option for your breakfast.

We’ll delve deeper into Avocados Toast Calorie with Egg in this complete guide, including how to make it, how many calories it has, and why it makes a terrific addition to your breakfast routine.

Avocado Toast Calories With Egg:

There are a few fundamental measures to follow in order to make the ideal avocado toast calories with eggs:

Avocado Toast Calories With Egg Ingredients:

avocado toast calories with egg ingredients
avocado toast calories with egg ingredients
  • Ripe avocado
  • Your favorite slice of bread
  • Eggs for eggs
  • salt and pepper
  • Topping options like cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, or roasted red peppers

Step by Step preparation:

  1. Start by baking your bread to your desired crispiness.
  2. Cut the avocado in half & remove the pits while the bread is browning.
  3. With a fork, mash the avocado flesh in a bowl until it is smooth.
  4. Poach or fry the eggs to your liking, with the yolks oozing for that perfect, Instagram-worthy drizzle.


  1. Generously sprinkle the sliced ​​avocado on the breadcrumbs.
  2. Top with mashed or mashed potatoes.
  3. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Add any toppings of your choice for extra flavor and texture.


  1. Your avocado toast calories with an egg are ready to enjoy. Serve immediately for flavor and texture.

avocado toast with fried egg calories:

avocado toast with fried egg calories
avocado toast with fried egg calories

Let’s get started with the step-by-step instructions for making the ideal avocado toast with mashed potatoes now that you are aware of the nutritional value of this breakfast treasure.


  • Ripe avocado
  • Slices of corn bread
  • Eggs for eggs
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper seasoning
  • Topping options like cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, or feta cheese

Step by Step preparation:

  1. Toast the bread
    Toasted whole wheat bread crumbs should first be crisped to the required level.
  2. Prepare the avocado
    Cut the ripe avocado off the toast and put the meat in a bowl. Use tongs to slice and season with salt and pepper.
  3. Warm the eggs
    Cracking the eggs into a frying pan that has been heated on medium heat with a little olive oil. Cook until the coconut is liquid but the whites are browned.
  4. Assemble your dishes
    Generously sprinkle the sliced ​​avocado on the breadcrumbs. Carefully place scrambled eggs on top. For added flavor and texture, top with your preferred garnishes.
  5. Add foods and serve
    Add salt and pepper to finish the seasoning. You can now have your avocado toast with mashed potatoes.

How to Make Guacamole Toast:

How to Make Guacamole Toast
How to Make Guacamole Toast

Guacamole toast is not only delicious but also incredibly easy. You can quickly prepare this delectable recipe whether you are a seasoned cook or a novice in the kitchen.


Before we dive into the recipe, let’s gather the ingredients:

  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 2 slices of wheat bread
  • 1 small tomato, diced
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped red onions
  • 1 garlic clove, insect
  • 1 lime, of water
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Topping options: Chopped radish, cilantro, or mashed potatoes

Step by Step preparation:

  1. Preparing the Avocado

Start by cutting the avocado in half and removing the pits. Add the creamed meat to the bowl. Use a fork to stir until the appropriate consistency is achieved.

  1. Toasting bread
    Toast the bread till it is brown and crispy while you prepare the avocado. For this, you can utilize a heated pan or a toaster.
  2. Making guacamole
    The diced tomatoes, diced red onion, garlic powder, juice of lime, salt, and pepper should all be placed in the same pan as the mashed avocado. Mix everything together until well combined. Taste and adjust ingredients as needed.
  3. Assembling your guacamole toast
    Generously sprinkle the breadcrumbs with fresh guacamole. Make care to perfectly season this creamy delight.

how much protein is in an egg and avocado toast?

how much protein in avocado toast with egg
protein content of avocado toast plus egg

Avocado toast with eggs is a nutrient-packed delight that provides a balance of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates. Let’s examine the protein content in more detail to obtain a clearer picture:

1. Protein in avocados
Although their protein content is somewhat modest compared to the other components of this diet, avocados themselves are a good source of protein. About two grams of protein can be found in an avocado of typical size. This luscious fruit provides sweetness and flavor when stir-fried and smeared on toast.

2. Protein in eggs
Eggs are known for their protein content. Approximately six grams of protein of excellent quality are present in one big potato.You can increase the amount of protein in your diet by adding poached or mashed potato to your avocado toast as a topping.

3. Protein in bread
The bread you choose for your avocado toast also contributes to the overall protein content. Whole grains or whole grains have more protein than white bread.2-4 grams of protein are found in a serving of bread made from whole grain on average.

4. Total protein on avocado toast with egg
The overall amount of protein in your avocado toast with eggs may be calculated by adding the protein from each ingredient. Eggs and avocado toast typically include 10–12 grams of protein per dish.

5. Ingredients:

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 slices of wheat bread
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Fresh veggies, roasted red peppers, or chopped tomatoes are available as toppings.

6. Step by Step preparation:

  1. Remove the avocado’s pit by halves it. With a fork, distribute the meat in a bowl.
  2. The bread should be crisped up to your preferred preference.
  3. Warm the bread on a skillet that is nonstick over a moderate flame while it is toasting. In the pan, crack the eggs, then cook them as desired (e.g. sunny-side-up or ultra-easy).
  4. Spread avocado slices evenly over toasted bread. Season with salt and pepper.
  5. Place cooked eggs carefully atop the avocado.
  6. Add any toppings of your choice.
  7. Serve your avocado toast with eggs immediately for maximum flavor and texture.

avocado toast with egg nutrition facts:

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Avocado toast with egg is not only a culinary delight but also an important nutritional source of energy. Let’s look at the dietary information that makes this dish so unique:

Calories and big nutrients


Around 350–400 calories are in a regular avocado toast with egg, making it a filling breakfast.


The whole-grain bread, which gives you enduring energy in the morning, is the main source of carbohydrates in this diet.


One large potato helps you reach your daily goal of 6 grams of protein, and eggs are also a great source of protein.

Healthy fats:

Heart-healthy fatty acids, which are crucial for overall health, are offered by avocados.

vitamins and minerals

  • Vitamin K:

Vitamin K, that’s crucial for blood clotting and bone health, is abundant in avocado.

  • Vitamin E:

This substance functions as a potent antioxidant, guarding your cells against harm.

  • Folate:

Eggs contain folate, a B-vitamin essential for DNA synthesis and cell growth.

  • Potassium:

Potassium, which is abundant in avocados and helps control blood pressure.

  • Fiber

Eggs and avocado toast are a fiber-rich breakfast that will keep you fuller for longer and help with digestion. A combination of avocado and rice bread provides soluble and insoluble fiber, promoting gut health.

  • Healthy omega-3 fatty acids

Nuts are a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for brain health and reduce inflammation in the body.

avocado toast nutrition info:

avocado toast nutrition info:
avocado toast nutrition info:

The several significant nutrients packed into this delectable meal are highlighted by the avocado toast nutrition facts. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find in a typical menu:


A typical serving of avocado toast has around 200-250 calories, making it a reasonably low-calorie choice for a full breakfast

Healthy fats:

The monounsaturated fats, which are renowned for having heart-healthy properties, are abundant in avocados. A single avocado has roughly 20 grams of good fats.


Avocado toast has 5-7 grams of dietary fiber per serving, which is a lot. Fiber encourages healthy digestion and keeps you satisfied.


Avocado toast is not a high-protein food but provides 4-6 grams less per serving, thanks to the combination of bread and avocado

Vitamins and minerals:

The vital vitamins and minerals potassium, vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin B vitamins are abundant in avocados.


Antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein, which are good for eye health, can be found in avocados.


These plant substances, which are present in avocados, have antioxidant qualities and may improve general health.


Avocado Toast Calories With Egg:
Avocado Toast Calories With Egg:

Avocado Toast Calories with Egg is not a coincidence; It’s a delicious and healthy way to start your day. This dish has captivated the hearts and palates of breakfast devotees all around the world with to its vivid color, creamy texture, and fulfilling flavor.

Avocado Toast Calories with Egg contains everything you need, whether you’re seeking for a nutritious meal, a creative brunch concept, or just a simple dessert. Try it once, customize it, and enjoy the perfect combination of flavor and nutrition.

And keep in mind that a good day typically begins with a full breakfast, so why not have Avocado Toast Calories plus Egg for the day?

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Avocado Toast Calories With Egg FAQs:

Q: Is avocado toast with egg good for a diet that aims to lose weight?

A: Yes, given its nutritional value and flavor, it can be included in a well-balanced diet for weight loss when eaten in moderation.

Q: Can I add my preferred toppings to Avocado Toast Calories with Egg?

A: Definitely! You are welcome to add inventive garnishes, such as grilled salmon, arugula, or even your preferred mildly hot sauce.

Q: Are there any vegan alternatives to Avocado Toast Calories with Egg?

A: Yes, you may create a vegan version by using tofu or a vegan egg in place of the egg.

Q: Is this recipe suitable for people with gluten sensitivities?

A: To avoid gluten sensitivities, eat avocado toast with an egg on gluten-free bread.

Q: Are mashed potatoes and avocado toast suitable for vegans?
A: Yes, it is possible! To make it vegan-friendly, you can skip the potato chips or use an egg alternative made from plants.

Q: Can I add mashed potatoes and other toppings to my avocado toast to make it my own?
A: Definitely! Consider adding grilled salmon, arugula, or dashes of sriracha for an added spice when creating your toppings.

Q: Can I use any bread to make guacamole toast?
A: Although whole grain bread is healthy, you can use your favorite bread as you like.

Q: Are there any vegan options for toppings?
A: Definitely! You can choose vegan toppings like sliced ​​avocado, red pepper flakes, or vegan cheese.

Q: Is avocado toast a healthy breakfast choice?
A: Yes, avocado toast is a healthy breakfast choice. It offers vital minerals, wholesome fats, & fiber, making it a satisfying and nutrient-dense meal.

Q: How many calories are in an avocado toast on average?
A average avocado toast dish contains 200–250 calories.

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